Monthly Archive: January, 2007

KTV 歌曲挑战大全

After a long week at work, nothing beats crooning at the microphone with my friends at K-box! With Hanjoo’s KTV Challenge Manual (which is, technically speaking, a piece of A4 size paper) handy,… Read More

So far, so good.

21 weeks left in the internship and a lot of people has been asking me what I make of the past 3 weeks. I can only say: So far, so good   That would… Read More

Another 3 days

So… Today is the 6th day of my internship. I have seen and heard a lot of things that I would rather I had not. But I guess when you are working in… Read More


Since I have changed my mobile to the K800i model, I have become quite the photo snapper. I see what I like, I will take a picture. The other day I was walking… Read More

First week into the internship

And so, 2007 has arrived. 2007 also marks the start of my 24 weeks internship. Is it the mission of every single internship to induce a sense of incompetency in us? Photocopying for… Read More