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Thanks to everyone who celebrated/remembered my birthday!

1. The heartware family for pulling off the surprise party at our makan gathering at Michael’s

2. Mummy for buying a cake for me without me knowing!

3. Camellia for her cute present from Osh Kosh B’gosh. (i fit into the top! =))

4. Hanjoo for making me a “Project Superstar” and the wonderful pedi!
5. Jym, Tinghui and Cailian for the dinner, KTV session and wonderful presents.

6. PC for the book I have been eyeing for soooooooooooo long. (i have finished reading!)

7. My dearest CS peeps for pulling off another surprise ambush at the SCI D&D! The cake was delicious and I love the bag! Thanks!

8. Everyone who sent me birthday wishes!

Thank you! =) It is through these little moments that remind me how lucky and blessed I am.

Now for a little story

The Unglam Queen Chronicle

Once upon a time, the Unglam Queen set out with her friends to celebrate her 22nd birthday. On the way to an exotic Indian restaurant, they passed by the renowned Candy Empire where a loooooong box of chocolate caught the Unglam Queen’s attention. She walked towards the box of chocolate, wanting to take a better look at it.

Suddenly, there was a loud BANG!

No, that was not thunder.

It was the Unglam Queen knocking against a huge glass panel! Apparently, the loooooong box of chocolate was displayed behind that glass panel. But being so intrigued by the box of chocolate, the Unglam Queen did not notice the existence of the glass panel. No less than 10,000 people turned their heads at this instance and started giggling at her silliness. The Unglam Queen’s loyal friends have long started laughing and left her in the lurch.

And living up to the famous Chinese saying, “三十六计、走回上计”, the Unglam Queen left the Candy Empire hastily.

What a way to spend a memorable 22nd birthday…

The End