VRTs again lah

My friend's boyfriend is playing match maker. His rationale being that once I have a partner, my friend can spend more time with him. Sob Sob. =P

"Joking la," he says.

Then it occur to me that it is quite strange. Please pardon my very random thoughts and you are welcome to disagree with it.

So here it goes.

Seems to me that once you are attached, your partner becomes the centre of your life. Everything seems to revolve around the relationship.

Friends, no matter how long you have known them, seems to fall downwards on the scale of priority or 'the list of important persons'.

So, does it mean that in our entire life, the main activity is to look for this particular person, to make it work and then, whatever that was happening earlier just naturally fall out of the priority list?

What I am trying to say that if meeting the right person means pushing other commitment downwards, does it mean that this is what life is all about? Searching, finding and locating the right person?

Okay, so I understand that we are talking about very different things here – friendship versus life partner. Each plays its own role and exists for a different reason.

But I can't help but feel that once your life revolve round making a relationship work, everything else seems subsidiary.

Is it? I do not have much experience in this. So if you have another point of view, please feel free to share with me ya.

Hope to put up pictures of the many happy gatherings I had over the past 2 weeks! So people, you know who you are! Send me pics quick!