Monthly Archive: July, 2006

Three in Redang

Presenting ELGC very own productions. Click on the picture to view the photoslide show!

Fabulously Fainéant

Yes. I am doing almost nothing at home everyday now. My friends has been asking me what I have been doing at home for the past few days since I have ended my… Read More

VRTs again lah

My friend's boyfriend is playing match maker. His rationale being that once I have a partner, my friend can spend more time with him. Sob Sob. =P "Joking la," he says. Then it… Read More

Funny Quotes of the Day

"As careers go, you've got your ups, you've got your downs, peaks and valleys and all that. I may end up doing special appearances at shopping malls as Jack Sparrow." ~Johnny Depp's retirement… Read More

Fun fun fuN!

Today was a fun filled day! Lunch with Hanjoo, fondue with Sufei, PC, Mas and Sufei's friend from Germany, Sabine, dinner at NYC Kopitiam (think stingray, kangkong and all things Singaporean!) with the… Read More

An unfamiliar emotion

When you are experiencing an unfamiliar emotion, your thoughts go funny and your body seems to be undergoing a series of involuntary reactions.

Rendezvous @ Haagen-Dazs

Lots of fun with Mas, Sufei, PC and Sufei's friend from Mexico, Gabriella…… =)


连争吵你都那么细心 说错不在我都是你的问题 你甚至还承认自己不是好的伴侣 面对你的诚实我又无法言语 在我开口之前你就说sorry 我又把所有伤心全都忘记 你将我推进绝望谷底 再给我一线生机 让我反反覆覆醒了又醉 然后醉了又醒 你伤了我的心却又伤得不够彻底 让我恨你恨得累了之后 又开始怀念你 请伤透我的心伤到不留一点余地 让我爱你爱得累了之后 让我爱到心力交瘁之后 能学会对你绝情 简单的一首歌, 竟然能够让我如此感动……

Of butter and sugar

The past few days had been spent in the Home Economics kitchen of Orchid Park Secondary school baking cookies. Just like the good old days during my Food and Nuitrition lessons in secondary… Read More