Monthly Archive: June, 2006

‘X’ of the day

Mishap of the day You know the kind of water dispenser with a bottle that can hold a gallon of water? I was trying to lift an empty bottle from the dispenser and… Read More

Animal Trail


Someone sent me this list after hearing that I love to watch movie. According to him, if i hit more than 80, I am more than a movie buff, I have nothing else… Read More

Song of the Moment…

防空洞 作词:戴佩妮 作曲:戴佩妮 编曲:吴庆隆 还记得那一次你将你的手 小心的放进我的口袋轻声的说不要颤抖 还记得那一次你擦干我的泪 还坚持将我低下的头紧紧的贴进你的胸口 我有多久没感动过若不是你那么强烈的保护我 若不是你的那一句你有的不多 却愿意把最好的都留给我 你要我住进你心里的防空洞 不让无谓的思绪暗涌 再多分扰也都没有用 你决定了我所有的喜怒哀愁 你把我带到一个停泊的港口让回忆可以避避风 仰望着夜空听潮起潮落 为你我不再向往着漂流 I am feeling

The KTV Commandments


Very Random Thoughts My VRTs. I have 300 phone numbers stored in my mobile, 281 friends on Friendster, 215 MSN contacts and 104 email contacts in my Yahoo! address book. Why am I… Read More


The truth hurts. But sometimes, not knowing the truth hurts too.