The Toilet Bowl


Thanks to a senior in school and a fellow volunteer, I had the opportunity to visit Villa Bali finally.

Usually, people will go on to talk about how great the ambience is and how tasty the drinks are.

But for me, being extra as usual, will talk about something else.

I will be talking about the toilets.

No, not that they are very kampong- or resort-looking, but really about the toilet bowl.

I do not know how many people actually realise that the toilet bowls there allow you to wash your “八月十五” aka your bon bon. I knew about this kind of ‘technology’ from my interior designer friend way back in poly and I find it funny. If I did not remember wrongly, it is usually a separate toilet bowl from the one you use to do your business.

But Villa Bali only has one. So, and I think, you can do your business and wash your *ahem* simultaneously, consecutively or whatever you prefer. Erm. Just try and imagine that. How will you know if the right kind of fluid is used? How about the tissue paper? *_*”’

I think someone tried to use the washing function.

Because when i stepped into the toilet, the water level in the toilet bowl was higher than average. And there was toilet paper floating around. So instintively, I flushed the toilet.

Bad bad bad choice.

The contents started spilling out.

I did the most amazing cha-cha back step and managed to escape from the, erm, ‘mixture’.

I rushed out of the toilet and told the wait staff about what happened.

Later, I heard them saying something about someone forgeting to switch off the water supply for the toilet bowl.

Hahahahahaha. At that point, all I hope was that they didn’t think it was me who did it. Or charge the plumbing job to my bill.

Luckily they didn’t.

I am glad to have escaped from that mess that came spilling out of the toilet bowl.

The moral of the story is:
Do not attempt to wash your behinds with the same toilet bowl that you do your business in, even if it allows you to do so.

I found out that these toilet bowls are call washlets. And the cleaning function is actually fixed on the toilet seat. And I quote this website for a particular brand of washlet:

“When activated, a wand extends from the seat to provide a gentle stream of aerated water with adjustable temperature and pressure for safe, effective cleansing. Variable settings can be easily adjusted to suit personal needs. ”

“After all, now that cleaning is evolving, shouldn’t you catch up to it? ”

I think I prefer the good old toilet paper.