Old friends and memories

Catching up with an old friend has always been one of my favourite past time.

When I had lunch with KC the other day, it just reminded me how long ago secondary school was. It also reminded me of the fun we had in school and how much I missed those carefree days.

Things just ain’t the same once you hit a certain age, isn’t it?

People always say that your secondary school days will be those that will be ‘engraved’ in your memories. Those will be the days where you will have lots of fun and perhaps keep a few friends for life. I have always believed in that saying and I am glad to say that the saying has not failed me.

Every morning on my way to NTU, the bus will pass by my secondary school. The facade of the school has changed, but in my heart, I will always remember the kindness of the teachers and the rapport amongst the students. As I looked at the school dimly lit by the morning sun, I can’t help but feel a sense of gratefulness. It is weird isn’t it? To feel so much for my secondary school.

Whenever I meet my secondary school teachers in the street, I will acknowledged them. I feel that it is just a basic form of respect.

I met the ex-discpline master in NIE last year. He was one of those respected character in the school and when he walk past, all students, no matter good or mischievous, will get out of his path. Maybe it is a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea. We talked a little about the teachers back then in the school and he was surprised at the fact that I could still remember the names of all my teachers. Actually, I was surprised too. The names just surfaced as we talked about them. Talking about memories being engraved.

I missed the times where:
I will arrive early in school and go for breakfast (水晶包 with Ice Milo) in the canteen, sitting at the parade square in circles talking about celebrities and copying homework before the morning assembly,wondering if there will be any spot checks and planning how to hide that sharp comb, attending cooking lessons and food tasting that follow after, peering at tadpoles through microscopes, remembering the TOA KAH SOH, throwing bread into the fish pond and pretending to push someone into it, staring at the ah lians putting on their make-up in the toilets and looking forward to dismissal time so that we can hang out in the classroom, telling each other stuff that we have been keeping to ourselves for the entire day.

When you start dreading the future and think about the past, you know that you are getting older.

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