Of whitening lotion and being short

Term break is officially over and surprise, surprise, I am still in a holiday mood…

The one-week break just passed by like that. I seemed to be doing a lot of stuff during that week, but I cannot remember what I did. Except for my emceeing stint for an event at MOS and the KTV sessions. Ha.

Chitra reminded me that it is only 5 weeks till the end of lessons and about 7 weeks till the end of exams. Isn’t that like fast? It seems like we have just started the new semester! Tons of readings to catch up and projects to complete. Ahhhhhhh!

Check out the picture taken at the launch party of a youth portal held at MOS below. I look like a dwarf and feel like an ugly duckling beside Eunice Olsen. Goodness. And to think I was wearing heels. Can you imagine how it would look like if I had wore flats? I think the photographer would have a hard time fitting me into the picture.

I realised that I am really very very tan too. Ah! Even Ronald Susilo is fairer than me! I am seriously thinking of using whitening lotion. If there are tanning saloons, why aren’t there whitening saloons? I think they might earn quite a bit of money. Or maybe, I should just blame it on the dim lighting at the venue. Ha.

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