Search engines and keywords

The blog counter thingy is really fun. There is this function where you can check who read or a search has been generated for you blog. Not exactly your blog, but rather they search for certain key words, and they exist in your blog. Not making sense? Never mind. Just look at this table.
All Keywords
HITS Keyword
2 bantermag (MSN)
1 zhang ziyi and michelle chong (Yahoo)
1 michelle chong (Yahoo)
1 www.rdasia (MSN)
1 zhang ziyi michelle chong interview (Yahoo)
1 bantermag (Yahoo)
1 serene koh career (Yahoo)
1 joanne peh ntu (Yahoo)
1 chun lian (MSN)
1 bantermag singapore (Yahoo)
1 chalet spritual reader (Yahoo)
1 nicole serene (MSN)
1 (Yahoo)
1 xinz blogspot (Yahoo)
1 20th Birthday inscriptions (MSN)
1 funny cake inscriptions (Yahoo)
1 qing yao movies (Yahoo)
1 birthday cake inscriptions (MSN)
1 “serene koh” (Yahoo)
See? People who search on Yahoo or MSN using these words had my blog address generated as part of their search results. This is due to the fact that I had these words written in my entries somewhere.Amazing what technology can do ya…