End of year surprise

Another off day and another day for me to just slack at home and do nothing at all.

Christmas eve and the dawn of Christmas Day was spent at work. Coordinating the countdown performances and celebrations. Last minute additions and changes to the programme and not forgetting me going up on stage to be the emcee for the evening with another volunteer. All in all, it was fun.

This is the first year that I have not sent out any Christmas cards or given out any presents. Too many things on my mind and not enough time for myself. To think that one of my friend actually wrote in a card to me that he looks forward to my card every year… So embarrassing. I think I will sent Chinese New Year cards this year. Red and gold ones.

Right. This is suppose to be an entry about a surprise.

On the 23rd I received a bouquet of flowers from an anonymous person. He/She actually sent the flowers to where I work at Tampines. It is the first time ever I have to sign an invoice for flowers. The worst thing was it was in full view of many, many volunteers present. Not to mention that I was in the middle of a meeting with some performers. Had to just get my friend to keep the flowers while I calmly returned to the meeting. Later that evening, I checked out the card attached to the flowers only to find it unsigned with a simple type-written Christmas greeting. Up till today, I have no idea who sent them.

This is a really nice gesture. But it is a bit freaky when my friends at work concluded that it could be a stalker! They kept reminding me to look behind my back when I go home and watched out for shadows on the wall. Goodness. Others tease that I might get another bouquet on New Year’s eve. I hope not. That is when it is really scary.

I would appreciate it more if I know who the person is. I even called a few of my friends to check if they are playing a prank on me. But after much deliberation, I have convinced myself that it is impossible that anyone of them would be so nice. Haha… So, dear mysterious flower sender, please tell me who you are, provided you know that I have a blog or is on my MSN contact list. I really want to thank you for making that day a brighter one for me, especially since I was quite stressed at work.

Next topic.

If anyone is interested to be a liaison officer for the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Conference, please let me know. This conference is organised by the Ministry of Trade and Information. But you will have to skip school for a few days from 20-26 Jan. Contact me if you are interested and I will give you more information. Only one condition, you must be an undergrad or a graduate.

Another 1 week’s time and the new school semester will start. Really looking forward to it!

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