Tired, exhuasted & irritated

Something is definitely very wrong with me.

Most people would know that I have a very healthy appetite. I can always finish my food without much difficulty and wouldn’t mind second helpings.

But for the past 2 weeks or so, I have not been able to eat much. Just a few mouthful and I am full. Either that or I would not be able to continue to eat anymore. Terrible isn’t it.

I may be very hungry but I just cannot seem to eat at all. Even feel sick when I see fried food or really ‘thick’ stuff like stew and stuff.

Probably has to do with the level of stress and fatigue that come from work. It is really quite tiring handling people and coordinating here and there. Really tired. For once in so many years, I actually dread going to work.

Why? I think I have reached the saturation point… This is should not be the way to spend my holidays. Instead of fatigue and exhuastion, it should have been fun, fun and more fun! Agrh!

I am thankful that I still have 2.5 years of school to complete before I stepped into the corporate world officially. And I am going to enjoy it. Every single bit.

My happiest moments for this month?

  1. Hagadas fondue with my sister
  2. Blowing my money on a pair of Elle active shoes, 3 tops from Mango, 2 t-shirts from Hybrid Zone and some other accessories
  3. My best friend coming back from Thailand bringing me lots of presents
  4. Spending time at home on my off days [ 3 days so far for this month =( ]
  5. Sleeping