Monthly Archive: July, 2005

unexciting, boring me

uninteresting, boring me I was just blog hopping and I feel that I have boring blog entries and not to mention, life. How interesting are they? For example, A poly friend’s maid just… Read More

Bad Chinese…

Yes.. This is an entry that I will whine and whine and whine. But at the same time, I will try to talk about the good things that happened in the 1st week… Read More

Amis non plus?

It still hurts to think that a friendship that was once(for a lack of a better word) so sweet could turn so bland. Come to think about it, it has happened before. Friendships turning… Read More

Of birthdays, responsibilities and dreams

July, I conclude, is the Birthday month. I have never received so many invitations to birthday celebrations – chalets, restaurants, even country clubs. Thanks for all the invitation, but I cannot afford to… Read More