Almost half of the holidays have passed…

For the past month or so, I have been living the life that I would probably lead for next 40 years of my life after graduation.

A 9 to 5 job, fixed lunch hour and spending endless hours staring at the computer screen.

At the MRT station, I see people rushing to get into trains, rushing to get on the escalators, rushing to get breakfast, rushing to get into the office before the clock strikes 9, rushing out of the office at 6, rushing to get home.

And that sets me wondering. Is it worth the rush?

At my neighbourhood market, I see hawkers starting out their day slowly, people sitting in the coffee shops sipping coffee, shop owners setting up their goods outside their store leisurely. The only rush is perhaps to get those fresh meat or fish from the wet market.

To me, they seem to be enjoying what they are doing. No need to rush for that report that is due at 10, no need to sit in those never-ending meetings and no need to tolerate politics.

Which is better?

I don’t really see the point of rushing about in life. It all seemed so tiring to me.

But I also do not know whether I will be able to survive if I just sell sundry in the neighbourhood.

In this materialistic society, one’s status is judged by your possessions. And being brought up this way, I want to be able to enjoy the luxuries in life. Yet, I do not want to follow the rat race blindly.

This is quite a dilemma.

And we can never get the best of both worlds.