Monthly Archive: May, 2005

The GSS and a bunch of random thoughts

The title for this entry sounds like it can be one for a cheesy novel, a cheap paperback. Oh well. I am sure I’m not the only one that went for the midnight… Read More

Just blogging

At the end of the month I would have to register for my subjects…. Time seems to pass so quickly…. Haha… I am so afraid that I would missed the date for registration… Read More

First week Anniversary

Today marks my first week back at work. The same place, the same kind of warmth, the same passion. mixed with new challenges, new tasks, new faces, new expectations. I am actually excited… Read More

Haunted Rooms-Take your pick.

One day, you get lost in the wilderness while travelling. It gets dark and you have no choice but to seek refuge in a small hut nearby. The owner tells you all his… Read More


Work. Work. Work. I should have taken a longer break! But then again… Haiz. So…. Work. Work. Work.

Banter Mag

Found this mag on my sister’s desk and realise that it is pretty interesting. Check out their webbie at They should pay me for publicity man… A joke from their latest edition… Read More

2nd Sunday in May

It is the time of the year again… It is amazing how this woman would do everything for you – wash, cook, clean – without a word of resentment or complain. To think… Read More

My friends and I

When you have too much time on your hands, you do all sort of things… And this is what I have done so far.. hahaha

Quote of the month

Thanks to Adrian… This phrase is stuck with me…. And to make sure that I am not the only one affected by it, I shall share it with all of you… “A moment… Read More


I found a dead pixel on my laptop’s LCD screen!!!!!!! I am so traumatized!