Monthly Archive: April, 2005

My Problem?

This is a problem that everyone at some point in time will encounter A problem that is unavoidable especially when you reach ‘that’ point in life Not that it’s my ‘time’ yet, but… Read More

The Issue of Siblings

It just suddenly daunt onto me that I seen to have something against my younger sister no matter what she does. Serious. Every single thing, most of the time, I cannot stand her.… Read More


You will never realise how fragile life is until you have seen the edge of death… Some things that I can never understand seems to be clearer and more visible now. I used… Read More

C’est La Vie

This is life… That’s how I would describe yesterday… High tea and KTV. Both sinful and expensive indulgence… But who cares! I had fun….. So what if my true colours are exposed now…… Read More

I cannot grow up….

No, I don’t mean that I cannot grow up as in I don’t want to grow up. I mean that I really cannot grow up as in I feel that my personality does… Read More


NOTICE The blog that you are reading will not be able to display updates for the next two (2) weeks. The blogger has suspended the update function for this blog “RANDOM INSCRIPTIONS” due… Read More


I am really thankful that this semester is coming to an end… 2 more projects to go and I will finally have the time to study for exams. Haiz. Life is more than… Read More