Monthly Archive: March, 2005


Just a random picture of smurfette… haha… Life is a blur at the moment…. Hope that everything will be fine…… All the best….


I realise a lot of things happen when you least expect it…. Amazing isn’t it? I am not just talking about my personal experience, but also what is happening around the world….. Who… Read More


Everyday in our lifes, we face some kind of challenges… Just have to swallow our fears and conquer it. It’s just the way life is. No point dreading over it, no point avoiding… Read More

Smash IT!

My laptop hung on me….. The LCD screen just refuse to work last night. And when it did, it took 30 minutes to boot, 2 hours to backup my data…. And now? It… Read More

The Tormenting Cough (TTC)

I have been having this terrible cough since last week and it nowhere near recovery. Blame it on my stubborness – “Aiya, no need to see doctor! I will get well soon” And… Read More


Sick. and Tired.

I am mini!!!


Was chatting with a friend last night on the phone and I realise how much I missed his company. It’s not what you think though… I mean like he is the type of… Read More