Monthly Archive: February, 2005

A matter of time

It has been 2 months…. Am I still too proud to initiate conversation? Not really… But I just have some reservations. Or should it be the other way round? Actually I think I… Read More

One project down

I am in lecture right now.. But am too occupied to pay attention. haha.. I think I should start doing what Huiz has been asking me to do. Break down the total amount… Read More


I think something is wrong with me. I can be happy and cheerful one moment; depressed and teary the next. What is happening? Weird things have been running through my head. Like whether… Read More



Will the year 2005 be an unpleasant year for me? Things have not been too good. At least not as ideal as how I would like it to be… I have been expecting… Read More