Monthly Archive: January, 2005


I have no idea what I can write about… I think I am just updating for the sake of doing it… Otherwise, people might think that I am dead or something… haha.. Too… Read More

Anti-Stress Kit

Something I found when doing research for my Singapore Society module…

The Amish

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Question Number 1 in sociology class What does being ‘human’ means to you?


I hope that things will be back to normal soon…

A Sinful Indulgence, A Incurable Fetish

When I arrive at Orchard for a meeting at Orchard of Hope today, I decided that I should answer the call of nature, URGENTLY! And so I went over to wheelock place… Somehow,… Read More

Random Thoughts

First week of school coming to an end soon.. Still trying to find my footing.. So glad to see all my crazy friends again. This semester seems to be so much more relaxed… Read More

The pen is mightier than the sword

A few paragraph of words can cause some serious misunderstandings and conflicts. No wonder we have to study basic media writing in school. A full stop, a comma, or a semi colon in… Read More

An Afterthought

Dear u-know-who, I believe you want to know how I feel about it. I figure this is perhaps the best way to express myself. Do you ever have the foreboding feeling that something… Read More