Monthly Archive: December, 2004


I finally went to Escape theme park today.. Or rather yesterday! I dunno how long the park has been in operation but it was my first time there.. Haha.. A bit of ‘sua… Read More

Dreams of a Toned Body

2:32am in the morning and I just can’t get to sleep. So I thought I shall come in here and write a few words. Had supper with Huiz and Weixin earlier on. They… Read More


Great! My blog now has body parts and even a maid in manhanttan… Haha.. Thanks for keeping my blog alive.. I would love to give Maria salary instead… =) Responsibility… What a word… Read More

Spring Cleaning

Sweep sweep sweep. People are complaining that there are cowebs and dust is piling up here. So here I am sweeping away. That’s about it really…. Life has been busy these days.. From… Read More