Examination Period!

Oh well.. It is the time of the year again where I will be mugging for the rest of the coming 3 weeks or so. And I hate it!

My friends are going kayaking this weekend.. Congrats to them. Congrats to myself too, for I will be thinking about how much fun they will have and not concentrate on my books…

Shark’s Tale premiers today! But I am too broke, too sad, too depressed, too busy to go and watch. Actually it’s only the first factor that is hindering me! Oh well… as usual!

I think I am going to do so badly for all my modules! Congrats! When I told Mum yesterday that my results are going to be something like C all the way, she stared at me! I think she’s expecting me to do as well as I did in Poly. HAha… No way… No more Zs or As… Just Cs… Thank you very much!

I cannot wait for the exams to end! I rather spend my time in Orchard Park running around like a crazy woman coordinating performances! There, I don’t feel so stress and the bonus is that I get to be in TOWN everyday! Haha…

This is what happens when you lock yourself at home everyday studying – YOU GO CRAZY!

Actually, I think I am CRAZY all the time!