The Gathering

After such a long period, most of my projects are over!!!

Just wanna thank all my friends who have brought so much fun and laughter last night at Pizza Hut. But I thought I was the CLOWN OF THE CIRCUS (Gracia, this is for you)! Now everyone will know that Doremon is acutally RED(ung, ung, ung) and not BLUE. And that Ah bengs can never start an enterprise together.

If only we can have so much fun everyday, that would be absoultely great. Like what Gracia said in her blog, T5 rocks! Benjy(the peichun public school white ant and rival) and Chitra(I love the cereal) should have been in T5 instead! Both you are fantastic friends…

As for now, let’s just do our best for the exams, cross our fingers and hope for the best!