Monthly Archive: August, 2004


Spend most of the time durng the weekend playing rather than studying.. But still as compared to the week before, I have been a real good girl this week. But still, it’s N.G.:NO… Read More


More google pics…

Flacuation of Climate

Gosh I cannot believe I am writing this again.. I am a true blue female. Fickle minded, fussy and sensitive. Too sensitive in fact. Why do I always feel so left out in… Read More

Da Vinci secrets…

So time files and I am back from bixia’s chalet. Btw hui, I still have not pay you back for the cake. Remind me.. The chalet, like what Lian said only made me… Read More

An Unlucky Day…

As promised, here’s today’s pic from google… Today started off pretty much like any other day. When I finally reached Boon Lay Mrt station and trying to board 179 to the school, I… Read More

Ah~Pella site

Dear fellow ah~pellas, I am suppose to write a personal profile? Let me tell you a secret. I have been writing so many self introduction and stuuf in school that I am beginning… Read More

Depression Part 2

I am going to continue whinning… I dun care what you think… I am just going to continue whinning and complaining and shouting and ranting… Sometimes I really wonder if I have made… Read More

A transition in life

It’s amazing how one day of activity can change your mood, and more dramatically, your preception in life. I am not feeling to well these days. I finally experienced FAILURE. Honestly, I have… Read More

I cannot believe it!

Was setting up a blog for Ah~Pella and somehow erased my html codes. I am that good! To think that I have not save the codes earlier on. I thought nothing would happen.… Read More

Fireworks, jokes and kite flying

Something I got from the Reader’s Digest On his first day, a newcomer to prison heard the other inmates roar with laughter each time one of them called out a number. Mystified by… Read More