Today is Wednesday already… haiz.. Time files..

So for sure I am going to Vietnam.. Leaving coming Monday.. So if you want gifts, be nice to me ya.. Haha..

My younger sis started school in TP already.. So weird.. Was ‘staring’ at her when she was doing her econs tutorial.. Reminds me of how I was like in Year 1..

These few days at work was extremely tiring. Early Monday morning I was at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Sec for an event.. Well, we invited the media before hand but most of them said that they would not cover the event.. But in the end, a lot came.. And I have to entertain them.. The CNA reporter wanted to interview my boss, but he felt that I was a better representative as I am a youth.. So I ‘kanna’.. And when I saw that report on TV that night, I freaked out.. I LOOKED SO WEIRD!! But luckily, I wasn’t stammering.. Haha..

Whatever it is, it was a fun experience.. hee..

Part of what I do in HEartware includes writing sponsorship letters.. After so many rejections, we finally got a cheque from one bathroom equipment company… haha.. So my hard work paid off and I am glad.. Anyway….

Btw, Shopping anyone??