Time sure passes quickly. So fast that there is hardly time left for us to catch our breath before proceeding to another activity. Every single thing seems to be rushing to come next in line.

Last Thursday was an enjoyable day for me. Besides hanging out with my secondary friends at Sentosa in the morning, I went for dinner with my primary school mates whom I have not met for an extremely long time. Meeting both my secondary school and primary school friends on the same day brought back a lot of memories and flashback of events that happened in those years of my life.

It is always good to meet up with people whom you have known almost all your life. It is amazing enough just to think that these people have been part of my life for the past 13 years or so. In the past, everyday was filled with just school work and play. Oh, and sorting out this thing call friendship too… For example, ‘I will pretend to be friends with Mary.’ or ‘I think i dun want to be friends with John.’ Oh well… Then 2 days later, everyone’s friends with everyone again. Amazing creatures we are when we were young. We can be so forgiving, or maybe that is being naive, but either way, life was less complicated as compared to now. Anyway, back to the gathering. Everyone knows that the food served at Marina South isn’t that fantastic. However, I had a terrific time with my pals. There was endless chatter and reminiscene of the 6 years we spent in Poi Ching School. My limited vocabulary prevents me from describing the fantastic time and the enmorous amount of chemistry that we have. In short, great!

I want to achieve a lot of things in life. I want to do a lot of things before I turn 30. It is scary to think that being 30 would just be a blink of an eye away. I mean, look at the rate time passes.. 10 years could come and go just like that…. I have great hopes for my future. And I hope that it will not disappoint me and I will not disappoint myself.

::Learn to play the piano::
::Learn to play the guitar::
::Have a stable income::
::Be respected by many::
::Lots of lesiure time::
::Endless vacations to go::
::Love myself more::
::Love my family more::
::Embrace my present life::
::Eagerly anticipate my future::