I think I have been strike with the Season of Depression again.. Haiz… Everything seems so gloom to me.. Everyone seems to be so unkind to me.. Everyday seems like another 24 whole hours of torture…

I thought about quite a lot of things these few days.. I realised that many a times, we take our good friends for granted. It is like we have the mentality that says ‘Since we have been friends for so long, a lot of things doesn’t matter anymore. You should know me long enough tolerate my temper and accept my flaws.. You should be understanding!’ Something along that line.. haha..

We tend to expect too much from those closest to us. Just like how I would like my sister to think beyond her 17 years in this world. I expect my friends to hang out with me lots. I expect a lot a lot more things.. Things that I would not expect from ‘other’ people and not expect others to expect of me… Ah… Crap..

What happened to me?

What am i exactly trying to say??

Well.. I guess there are times where we humans felt this way and are a bit selfish, all I am trying to say is that we need to remind ourselves that no matter how close your friend or siblings are with you, we would still need to remember not to take them for granted.. Saying a simple thank you when they offer to take your shopping bags or offer to buy you a drink would be significant enough…

At least that’s what i think….