Neon Bib Necklace

After crocheting so many minions, I decided to take a break and look for something new to make! Was surfing online and found this from A Common Thread – Looks simple and quick… Read More

The Persistent Minions and a Sleeping Totoro

After making one too many minions, I decided to take a break and complete another amigurumi that I started way back. Meet the sleeping totoro! This was really easy to make, following the… Read More

ドラえもん 編みぐるみ

Why the Japanese title you may ask… Well, it is very apt for my latest amigurumi (編みぐるみ) project! Presenting, DORAEMON (ドラえもん). This cute little blue robot travels back  in time from the 22nd… Read More

Panda panda panda-monium!

One of my good friends from secondary school is obsessed with all things panda! So for her birthday, we decided to give her a series of panda-related gifts! First up, Found this at… Read More

The league of extraordinary minions

After the surprising success of Domo-kun, I have decided to venture into something more challenging! It’s small, yellow and loves apples -  a MINION! I searched all over the internet for a good… Read More

Domo-kun amigurumi!

Ladies and gentlemen, after two weeks of (on and off) toiling, I am pleased to announce that I have completed my amigurumi Domo-kun! It was surprising easy to make, although I think that… Read More

Amigurumi Love!

As if I do not have enough hobbies, I am recently addicted to making crochet stuffed toys, aka, amigurumi! My first crochet lesson was given by the BFF’s mother back in secondary school.… Read More

Be patient my young padawan!

Sing, Sang, Sunk. Yes, sunk. Being the 三分钟热度 person that I am, I have recently took up singing lessons, thinking it would be a piece of cake as compared to taking keyboard and… Read More


Interesting how our life revolves around social media these days. Want to check out what your friend is doing? Check out facebook. Want to see fancy photos of the food they ate or… Read More